Nobilis 90QGG37 Intel i3-2100 120GB SSD 4GB Windows 10




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Warranty:  6 Month Hardware Warranty

Items Included:  Desktop and Power Cord.  The original packaging/box is not available and is not included.  No other accessories are included.  Exception:  **If the desktop is purchased in the store, a USB Keyboard & Mouse will be included.

Condition:  Desktop is previously used with scratches, scuffs, and signs of use & handling on the case.

Functionality:  This system has been tested and is in 100% working condition!

Specifications and/or Features:  For more details on the specifications, please visit the manufacture website

Model:  Nobilis 90QGG37 Desktop (Inventory #18015)

Processor:  Intel i3-2100

CPU Benchmark: 1878

Graphics:  Intel HD Graphics

GPU Benchmark: 150

Storage:  120GB SSD

Disk Mark: 2589

Memory:  4GB

Optical Drive: CD-RW/DVDRW

Wireless:  No

Bluetooth:  No

Operating System:  Windows 10 Professional 64-bit

Installed Software:  Windows Defender, Malwarebytes (Free Version), VLC Media Player, Google Chrome, & Libre Office (compatible with Microsoft Office)


*Benchmark is value given to a CPU from Passmark Performance Test.


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Nobilis 90QGG37 Intel i3-2100 120GB SSD 4GB Windows 10

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